About Us

Who are we ?

The Hodgson family are fourth generation farmers who have lived on and worked the land since the 1920’s. Over that time we have seen many changes no more so than in 2008 we opened our very own brewery right here on the farm, using our own malting barley we produce award winning beers sold throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The Little Otchan Glamping takes its name from one of our best selling beers Pricky Back Otchan which we have produced since our formation back in 2008. The Hut is a welcome addition to our farm and we hope you enjoy your stay here with us.

Where are we?

We live in an area called Holderness which lies within the East Riding of Yorkshire on the east coast of England. Holderness is an area of rich agricultural land formed in the last ice age and was marshland until it was largely drained in the middle ages. Hedges where planted and the land started to be cultivated to grow crops and rear livestock. Today the land is still farmed, however intertwined is a patchwork quilt of hedgerows, woodland and coastline to create this unique and beautiful part of Yorkshire which is not to be missed!

The Farm

We are a mixed farm producing high welfare pork, wheat for biscuit flour, bread crumbs and bio fuels, vining peas are produced for Birds Eye and of course malting barley for our brewery. The brewery is located under a mile away from the hut where you are more than welcome and find out more about our award winning beers.

Our Promise

Here at Little Otchan Hut we promise to provide you with a distinctive glamping experience. We have sought to include all of the luxuries you would expect from a hotel stay with the feeling of getting away from it all and enjoying some refuge in the countryside and with nature.

The hut is secluded away from the farm, however please be aware at times there will be noises and smells associated with the countryside.

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From £110 per night, find the perfect time for your idyllic get away.